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June 2008

Closure of PS Plus project

The PS Plus project has now finished.

Please visit the about, reports and research pages of the web site for detailed information on the project. The future development of the Case Assessment & Tracking System (CATS) is currently the responsibility of the Innovations Development Unit (IDU) within NOMS ICT.

If you require further information, please contact us.

December 2007

Visits to PS Plus
December 2007 saw PS Plus and their development partners, Inclusion and the Rickter Company, host visits from European counterparts interested in the CATS and Rickter systems.

Delegates from Denmark, Portugal and Spain were received from the 2nd to the 4th, and delegates from Bulgaria and Hungary were in Warrington from the 9th to the 13th December.

The delegates included a mix of professionals who had indicated, during preliminary canvassing, a strong interest in the work of the developmental partnership and the capacity and connections to take the work forward in their own countries. They included representatives of two non-governmental organisations working in the field of Criminal Justice, three Ministries of Justice and one from the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.

As well as presentations on the CATS and Rickter systems at Tannery Court, they also visited HMP Risley in order to understand the context in which these systems have been trialled and used.

The visits achieved the objective of showcasing the innovative systems developed by the developmental partnerships and attracted very positive feedback, both during the visits and in subsequent correspondence.

Ministerial Visit

More news: Ministerial visit

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